Little Known Facts About Rome


Do you know how the months of July and August got their names?
July is named after the great commander, Julius Caesar, since he was born in this month. August is named after the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, since many of his military victories were achieved in August. He wanted his month to have 31 days, the same length as the month dedicated to Caesar. Prior to this the two months had been named, Quintilis and Sextilis, the fifth and sixth months in the Roman calendar which began in March.


Do you know who the classic pizza, Margherita, is named after?
The classic pizza, Margherita, is believed to be named after the wife of King Umberto I, Margherita of Savoy. It was served to the Queen in 1889 during her visit to Naples. The pizza contains the colours of the Italian flag – green (basil), while (mozzarella) and red (tomato sauce).


Do you know where does the popular phrase All roads lead to Rome come from?
A tall column, called the Golden Milestone, once stood near the Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum. It was placed in the forum on the instructions of Emperor Augustus and was used to measure all the distances to Rome. The popular phrase “All roads lead to Rome” is believed to be a reference to the Golden Milestone.


Do you know that Christmas is influenced by ancient Roman traditions?
Modern-day Christmas is believed to be strongly influenced by the ancient Roman traditions of Saturnalia. The Saturnalia festival was held during the second half of December, in honour of Saturn. During the festival presents were given, candles lit and feasts held. For a brief time slaves became equal with their masters.


Do you know that the name Rome means love and eternity?
When read in reverse, Roma (the Italian for Rome) becomes Amor – the Latin name for love. And when read in reverse, Amor becomes Roma. Roma is also the goddess of eternity and the patron goddess of Rome – hence the expression the Eternal City.